About Us

About us

With the increase of SME market size, the demand for new and advance solutions, while utilizing the existing technologies, and finding ways to increase the productivity and new ways of business process, moving to private cloud based solutions, securing the data and information, requirement for fast deployment of multi-sites and market moving to mobilities.

These are the keys element that TDME focus to solve and find ways to improve business productivity in the company’s process.

We maintain customer’s existing equipments, upgrade to latest technology, and integrate them. Brand and product are not an issue as long you can find a way to integrate and build the right solution.


Our aim

Our aim is to growth and success of our client with solutions we provide.


We understand the importance of having an efficient technology solution for current business environment, therefore we start our approach on the professional infrastructure up to right solutions.

  • Analysis current business process
  • Design suitable solutions and scalable
  • Consider the future challenges
  • Integrate and plan for future needs
  • Implement and monitor the solutions
  • Support on-line and on-site


Industry Expertise:
TDME expertise assist the client to reach to their technological needs, focusing on client goals that leads to current and future needs.
We served:

  • Telecommunication & WISP companies
  • Government solutions
  • Hotels & Hospitality
  • Universities and educational institute
  • Gas & Petroleum companies
  • Manufacturing and distribution
  • Retail and customer services


Our commitment:

Bring you the best solutions, easy to manage, fast to respond, cost cutting and on a reasonable cost.