V.35 Interface Powered Converter


The V35IP family of interface converters allows full bi-directional synchronous conversion between V.35 and X.21 or RS-449/530 hardware. These converters all work WITHOUT an EXTERNAL POWER SUPPLY. The V35IP interface converters are designed for synchronous V.35 operation at data rates up to and including 2048kbps. They may also be applied to asynchronous V.35 using only TD & RD signals, while ignoring TC, RC, and XTC timing signals. Asynchronous V.35 requires three times greater data throughput on the synchronous side’s X.21 or RS-449/530 interface. The physical connections for all V35IP family converters are DB25 female connectors and V.35 adapter cable. The V.35 side requires the supplied DB25 to MB34 adapter cable to connect directly to V.35 equipment.


Electrically converters SYNC ITU-T V.35 to RS-530 / RS-449 / X.21 (three models)
DCE/DTE switch selectable
Data rate up to 2.048Mbps
Complies with ITU-T V.35, X.21 and EIA RS-449, RS-530
Interface powered, no external DC power required for the “IP” converter family
An external power adapter (9VDC@600mA) may be used if the application of the unit is in a poor communication environment