Protocol Analyzer


The HCT-7000, our flagship tester, is a portable, battery powered E1 and data communication tester, designed for a wide range of protocol analysis and BERT (Bit Error Rate Test) at full E1 speeds (2.048Mbps) and is fully suitable for equipment installations, on-line or off-line diagnostics, debugging, and interface development. The HCT-7000 features a backlit Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), push-button switch keyboard, interface lead indicator LEDs, user replaceable data port interface modules and internal rechargeable Li-Ion battery. The unit includes the Basic Interfaces, basic operational firmware, comprehensive User Guide, universal AC power adapter (100~240 VAC) and a sturdy hard shell carry case.


  • E1, Datacom, Protocol Analyzer and BERT
  • Protocols: Frame Relay, SS#7, X.25, PPP (Sync.), V5.1. V5.2, ISDN-D,Sync (BSC), HDLC, SDLC, Async
  • Dual pluggable interface ports with available modules:
  • Datacom Module: RS-232C/D (V.24), RS-449 (V.36), RS-530, X.21,V.35, E1 Module: G.703 E1 (2048K)
  • Supports Centronics printer & control serial port.
  • LCD Display: 320×240 graphic (30 lines x 40 characters), with backlight
  • Auto Configuration
  • Menu driven setup
  • ASYNC terminal Emulation
  • File Management
  • Self-Tests and Diagnostics
  • Display Modes: Full /Half Duplex Data, Frame / Packet and Lead Status
  • Error Check: None, Parity, LRC, CRC-16, CRC-CCITT
  • Capture Buffer: SDRAM
  • Line Monitor: DTE; DCE; DTE & DCE
  • Emulation: DTE; DCE; MONITOR only
  • Counters & Timers: 5 each internal counters and timers
  • MUX/DEMUX BERT (E1 & Datacom BERT)