Balun Patch Panel


The ITU-T G.703 balun panel matches multiple sets of dual 75 ohm coax connections to multiple 120 ohm twisted pair connections, supporting data stream rates of 2-8 Mbps for E1 and E2. The patch panel bi-directionally matches not only signal impedance, but also the pulse shapes of the signals according to the ITU-T G.703 standard. The modular construction allows up to 24 separate G.703 BALUN Modules in a 19″ rack mountable chassis. This modular design provides a cost-effective solution and can be purchased in separate components.


  • Connects 75 ohm dual coax to 120 ohm twisted pair
  • Mounts in standard 19” Rack
  • No AC power or batteries needed
  • Link-to data isolation: Mini. 250V
  • Bi-directional signal conversion
  • Operating temperature 0°C ~ 75°C
  • Typical distance: 180m via Cat.5e cable