On this challenging market of system integrations, which are guided by business requirements and continue advancing technology, we deliver to each client their expectations.

*Hotels at UAE

Since 2005, Time Dimension has worked with various hotels in the UAE to supply communication equipment, Internet billing, Guestroom & Bathroom Telephones, and adapt wireless indoor / outdoor system with wireless telephony roaming services. We customized the solutions based on client requirements and budget to meet their expectations with minimal investment and/or based on revenue sharing. Serving the Hotel industry is very challenging with their special needs, and their expectations that require knowledge on equipment integrations, reliable services and fast delivery. We are proud to make our customers happy with services outcome.

* Manufacturing

We expected more challenging work from manufacturing sector with large warehouses, online loading / offloading, inventory management, but with the knowledge of our team in the INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS, we were able to match every expected need. We did entire design of Voice / Data network for several factories with warehouses, and implemented the state of the art networking system that continues working with minimal maintenance.

* Construction companies

The boom on construction market in Dubai during 2005-2008 was enormous and where a part of the companies that served these construction companies, we provided solutions on site, such as telephone link between their sites, receiving & sending fax over GSM network, Data exchange between their various offices, communicating with Towers or lifter and rubbed deployment of wireless network for easy communication between site manager and team inside building.

* OIL Distribution / OIL Fields

* Overseas

The overseas team at Time Dimension has worked closely with our partners and clients, we managed to handle very successful operations and grow with partner to win large projects, such as :

  • Metro CCTV solutions that was integrated systems of CCTV, power management, backup system, microwave links, fiber transmission, and Designing a complete control center for over 100 cameras.
  • Upgrade of an AVAYA contact center, with complete network and technical managements.
  • Implement several Motorola radio system DMR for oil companies with dispatch systems.
  • Implement HF radio system from Codan for oil companies, with integrating with short range radios.
  • Fiber termination solutions, implemented fiber transmission for over 80 sites
  • Supplied and installed various solutions from Microwave, Wireless, GSM repeaters, … etc.