Products & Services

Product & Services

The Concept of our solutions are not on range of brand or product that we handle, it’s all about the capability of utilizing any products and integrating these products with other solutions to bring the best Technology solution that will fulfill the operation and business process of the SME.

We have a comprehensive portfolio of services that enable us to provide customer services and improve all facts of customer operations, key service areas are:

  • System consulting & integrations: strategic planing, designing& implication to solve business challenges.
  • Design and deploy of public and privet cloud (SME) with five years full warranty against virus and spams.
  • Telephone System (IP-PBX, Digital PBX) with termination, programming and testing.
  • VoIP network integration: linking between your offices with cost effective solution.
  • Hotel Guest-room experience: Representative of world leading hotel telephone supplier Bittel.
  • Deploy of wireless networking: indoor & outdoor P2P, P2M, Data/Voice Transmission.
  • State of the art HD CCTV for professional use, meeting high expectations.
  • And many more.