Network Storage

Storage Servers

The need to move to cloud base storage is getting much more demanding, and we design a system which allows the enterprise to host their cloud locally (at their premises) or on the real cloud, providing the full control, with built-in firewall, protected system. The Cloud base storage solution offers a total capacity from 4 to 48 Terabytes. The storage comes equipped with redundant power supplies, fans and hard drives. It’s available in 2U to 5U profile which features the new top loading drive functionality. This server also comes standard with the “easy slide” railing system which makes replacing and upgrading hard drives simple and without the need to turn off the server.

Cluster and Rendering Servers

cluster What’s a cluster and rendering server? Those servers are perfect for high calculation program needs, like programmers, 3D architecture, video 3D animation, video games, etc. Our solution cluster and rendering system are designed for medium to large-scale enterprise and hardware high level rendering tasks. They are ideal to scale out data centers up to a 1000TF of computing power delivering significantly reduced TCO, energy-efficient (green) architecture and a complete lights-out management system to meet the demands of high capacity and enterprise production system availability.

Web, Mail, FTP, Database, SSL Servers

ftp Making great web application in business is now easy and affordable. With our latest version of web oriented server and software of today, it’s now a very affordable and reliable to operable a web server from the office. You can use it to provide specific kind of service to client software running on other computers. More specifically, a server is a computer that manages and shares web based applications accessible anytime from any computer connected to the Internet.