Industrial L2 GE Switches for Factory and Transportation Application


The  Edgecore  ECIS4500  series  are  managed  industrial  PoE+  and  non-PoE+  Gigabit  Ethernet  switches.  The ECIS4500 PoE series switches comply to the IEEE 802.3 af/at standard and are able to deliver up to 30 watts of power per port along with data over standard Ethernet cabling. 

The switches can be used to power any IEEE 802.3af/at-compliant PoE PD devices, and include PoE power management features that ease the deployment effort and PoE power budget planning, as well as eliminating the need for additional wiring to reach a power source. The ECIS4500 series switches provide Gigabit Ethernet ports for upgrading the existing Fast Ethernet network infrastructure to full Gigabit speed. Gigabit Ethernet networks provide a higher bandwidth than the legacy Fast Ethernet networks and reduces the response time for time-sensitive applications. With powerful features, the ECIS4500 series are easy to deploy and manage the network, providing reliable and quality service for growing network traffic demand.

Features and Benefit

Rugged  Industrial  Design  –  The  ECIS4500  series  are  designed  with  IP30  metal  case  for  harsh  industrial environment.  It  provides  high  level  of  protection  for  electromagnetic  interference  occurred  in  factory  and transportation  applications.  The  design  is  compliant  with  EN  50121-4  for  electromagnetic  compatibility, emission and immunity requirements for railway traffic applications.  

Performance and Scalability – High-performance Gigabit Ethernet Layer 2+ managed switches with 24/20 Gbps switching capacity. Deliver wire-speed switching performance on all Gigabit ports.

Continuous Availability – The ECIS4500 series support fast failover ring protection (E-Ring) with the ability for the network to detect and recover from incidents without impacting users. Rapid recover time when problems do occur is as low as 20 ms. 

Enhanced Security – DHCP snooping allows a switch to protect a network from rouge DHCP servers that offer invalid IP addresses. Secure Shell (SSH) and Secure Sockets Layers (SSL/HTTPS) encrypt Telnet and web access to the switch, providing secure network management. 
Service Monitoring and Management – The ECIS4500 series allow administrators to monitor all incoming traffic in one or more VLANs by sending a mirror image of that traffic to a configured mirror port. It also provides the capability to manage service availability, identify connectivity and performance issues. 
Comprehensive QoS – The ECIS4500 series offer advanced QoS for shaping, classification, and scheduling to deliver best-in-class performance for data, voice, and video traffic at wire speed. 
Robust Multicast Control – IGMP groups allow you to create customer packages for IP-TV channels, making switch configuration easy. IGMP Filtering prevents subscribers seeing unsubscribed IP-TV channels. And, IGMP Throttling allows you to set how many IP-TV channels a subscriber can receive simultaneously. 
Superior  Management – The ECIS4500 series support SNMPv1, 2c, 3 and four-group RMON. The switches provide a complete private MIB for the configuration of most functions via the SNMP protocol. Administrators can upgrade and restore firmware and configuration files via TFTP. 
PoE PSE Support – The ECIS4500 PoE series support PoE as a Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) device to any attached devices, such as VoIP phones, wireless access points, and surveillance cameras,  all over existing Ethernet cables.